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Taibo Food Processing Equipment

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Vegetable Fruit Washing Machinie

Professional industrial washing equipment from Taibo allows you to wash and clean all type of vegetable and fruit. From leaf vegetable to root vegetable, from complete materials to cut-up materials, Taibo washing equipment gives them efficient cleaning and beautiful appearance.

Vegetable Fruit Cutting Machinie

If you need a vegetable fruit cutting equipment that can cut products into specific shapes and sizes, Taibo helps you find the best solution for you. Our cutting equipment produces hundreds of slices, corrugated slices, strips, julienne, cubes, rings and other shapes per minute.

Vegetable Fruit Peeling Machinie

Peeling equipment is designed for peeling and cleaning root vegetable and fruit. The use of brush roller and emery enables you to peel products effectively with little wastage. Our peeling equipment are widely applicable to carrots, cassavas, gingers, potatoes, taros, radishes, etc.

Meat Processing Machine

Capable of handling both frozen and fresh meat, Taibo meat processing machines are designed for dicing, grinding, chopping, slicing, mixing, marinating and emulsifying. Finished products come out clean with little waste and high quality cuts.

Dough Processing Machine

Choose from a array of Taibo dough processing equipment: dough mixer, dough divider, dough rounder, dumpling making machine, chapati making machine, etc. to optimize your production and yield while maintaining the quality of finished products.

Vegetable Fruit Processing Line

Processing line is the best way to speed up and simplify the processing of vegetable and fruit. Taibo offers vegetable fruit washing cutting dehydration line, washing waxing drying size/weight sorting grading line, etc. Customization according to capacity, factory layout and other requirements are all available.

Start Your Own Turnkey Solutions

We offer not only machines but also processing lines and turnkey solutions.

Our Services Always Go Extra Miles

We bring convenience and food safety to every food processing industry in the world. We do that by founding our own factory, by developing machines with our innovative engineers and highly-experienced technicians, by transforming our customers’ needs into practical solutions and by building a professional and dedicated team.

Professional Factory

Experience in Manufacturing Food Processing Equipment for More Than 10 Years

Online Factory Inspection

Inspect factory and machines without flying to China

Strong Team

Equipped with R&D, sales, technology, customer service, and quality control teams

Fast delivery

Fast production and delivery speed, guarantee the rights and interests of customers

Who is Taibo

Founded in 2013, Taibo has become the leading manufacturer of food processing equipment. Our equipment covers an all-round range of food processing progresses: washing, peeling, cutting, drying, dehydrating, as well as sorting and grading. Our equipment processes all kinds of materials: vegetable, fruit, meat and wheaten food etc. We offer not only machines but also processing lines and turnkey solutions.

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