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Taibo Vegetable Fruit Drying Machine

Vegetable Fruit Drying Equipment

Taibo is your best ally when it comes to industrial vegetable fruit food dryer dehydrator equipment. Our drying and dehydrating equipment covers air drying, centrifugal drying and hot air high temperature dehydration. The air dryer and centrifugal dryer removes the water on the surface and the high-temperature dehydrator gets rid of the moisture inside. The drying dehydrating equipment is widely applicable to apple, kiwi, citrus, mushroom, mango, dragon fruit, green onion, shrimp, beef jerky, etc.

Vegetable Fruit Drying Equipment

Hot Air Circulation Food Dehydration Machine

Taibo hot air vegetable fruit dehydrator and food dryer can dry the moisture inside the food and preserve its natural color and taste. The hot air circulates in the drying box, dehydrating vegetables and fruit uniformly. Trays are also made of high quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and durable. The intelligent temperature, time and humidity control enables you to get the best drying effect.


Vegetable Fruit Food Air Drying Machine

Taibo high pressure continuous air dryer is applicable to washed vegetables, fruit and packaged foods. The unique wind knife effectively removes the water on the surface of materials. We can customize the dimension, mesh belt and voltage to fit the equipment you already have.  

Centrifugal Dewatering Deoiling Machine

Taibo centrifugal salad spinner dryer is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which ensures both hygiene and durability. The basket and inner basket is designed to rotate at high speed, avoiding damages caused by resonance. With the timing relay, you can set the dehydration time and oil time freely, which enables you to seize the best state of food drying.

Vegetable Fruit Washing Cutting Dehydrating Production Line

This vegetable fruit production lines contains brush peeling machine, lifting elevator, air bubble washing machine, picking table, vegetable fruit slicing dicing machine, air dryer machine, hot air dehydrator machine, etc. Output 500kg/h.

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Hot Air Circulation Food Dehydration Machine

Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

Vegetable Fruit Washing Cutting Drying Production Line

Industry Leader in Food Processing Machine

Specializing in food processing equipment for ten years, we’ve helped customers from 106 countries to produce safe and high quality food.

Professional Manufacturer

Since the factory was founded nearly a decade ago, we’ve been manufacturing the food processing machines on the idea that fine engineering and scrupulous manufacturing leads to high-quality and long-lasting products.

Food Grade Raw Material

We go all out for food safety and equipment quality. Food grade SUS304 stainless steel, teflon coating, food grade pvc and branded electrical components are our guarantee of extraordinariness.

Solid Package

Before packaging, we’ll check whether the machine works well and whether the accessories are complete. Our customers know that behind every product delivery is a promise of reliable customer service.

About Price

Before thinking our equipment is overpriced, see what the price covers.

Food Grade Stainless Steel

We strive to ensure food safety and hygiene by manufacturing machines with high quality food grade raw materials.

Advance and Stability

Our focus on development and innovation results in equipment that lead the industry with advanced technology and incomparable reliability.

Inspection before Shipping

Before shipping, we’ll buy what you process or produce and test the machine with them.


With our own factory, we are able to customize the equipment as to your specific requirements like voltage, capacity, dimension, etc.

Short Delivery Time

Complete supply chain and high production capacity is our recipe for short delivery time.

Exceptional Aftersales Service

Video or video calls with you to solve any problems concerning installation, adjustment and troubleshooting.

Manufacturing and Shipping

All the money you paid to Taibo for purchasing products is secure. Below is an outline of how we turn the payment into equipment.

Step 1. Collect Deposit

After all the details such as specifications and voltage of the equipment are set, we will collect the deposit and then arrange the production.

Step 2. Issue Production Task Order

We’ll issue the production task order to the factory after receiving the deposit.

Step 3. Schedule Production and Purchase Raw Materials

Production tasks will be assigned to each production team. In the meantime, the production team will purchase raw materials and components from suppliers.

Step 4. Process Raw Materials

Process raw materials into required specification by machining and sheet-metal working.

Step 5. Assemble and Test

Engineers assemble all components together ad test the machine.

Step 6. Inspect

Show customers the finished equipment by videos or pictures. Improve or adjust the equipment if necessary.

Step 7. Collect Final Payment

If the machine is built to the complete satisfaction of the customer, we’ll collect the final payment.

Step 8. Package and Ship

After the final inspection, we’ll package the equipment up and load it onto the truck.

Why Choose Taibo

With 10 years of experience, Taibo is well conversant with this field. We are committed to delivering food processing equipment with quality, innovation and durability.

Need any food processing equipment? Why not contact us so that we can address your issues and manufacture solutions for your industry beyond your expectation.

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Everything you want to know about Taibo

We are a factory specializing in manufacturing food processing machines for 10 years. We provide high quality equipment at direct factory price. 

We can customize the voltage to match your local standard.

In addition to voltage, we can also customize as to your requirements for dimension, capacity, layout of production, surface treatment, etc.  

Sure. You can come and inspect our factory in person. 

We can also schedule video calls to show you our factory and products. Moreover, you can hire third party inspections to ensure that our factory and equipment is up to the needed quality standard.  

Generally speaking, 15 working days. 

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