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Hot Air Vegetable Fruit Drying Machine

High-pressure continuous air drying machine is used to air-dry the surfaces of washed vegetables, fruits and packaged foods.

Working Video

Working Principle

This high-pressure air drying machine uses fans of high pressure and low noise. Airflow produced by the blower removes the water on the surfaces of materials. Materials can be completely dried without a missing part under repeated rolling and reverse airflow. Finished products can be transported to the next conveyor for further processing.


Model FG-3-600
Dimension 3000*1050*1600mm
Application Washed vegetables and fruits, packaged foods
Voltage 3-phase 380V/50HZ (can be custom-made)
Material SUS304 stainless steel
Mesh belt Width: 600mm
Diameter: 1.5mm
Pitch of screws: 8mm
Pitch: 20mm
Thickness of plates 3mm
Framework 50*50*1.5 Square tubes
High-pressure 0.75kw*6+air knives
Conveyor belt 0.75kw Frequency conversion


Model Length Length of conveyor belt Material
FG-4-800 4000mm 800mm 304 Stainless Steel
FG-6-800 6000mm 800mm
Note The above are standard models. Dimension, voltage and other specifications can be custom-made.

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