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Centrifugal Dewatering/Deoiling Machine

Centrifugal deoiling machine is mainly used for removing the oil and water on the surfaces of fried food.

Working Video

Working Principle

The motor drives the inner bucket to rotate at high speed. Rotating at high speed under centrifugal force, water on the surface of materials will be removed through the holes of the inner bucket and finally discharged through the outlet. This machine has anti-vibration system, thus the machine will not vibrate during dewatering.


Model TS400
Dimension 900*500*740mm
Application Remove the water on surfaces of vegetable and fruit
Material SUS304 Stainless steel
Voltage Three-phase 380V/50Hz (Can be customized: single-phase 220V/50HZ, three-phase 220V/60Hz, three-phase 415V/50Hz, three-phase 440V/50Hz, single-phase 110V/60HZ, single-phase 240V/50HZ, etc.)
Power 0.75kw
Weight 200kg
Capacity 8-10kg/batch
Size of Inner Bucket φ400*300mm
Rotation Speed of Inner Bucket Frequency converter control

Other Models

Model Power Weight Capacity(kg/batch) Size of Inner Bucket Dimension
TS500 1.1Kw 220kg 10-15kg Ф500×360mm 1060*600*800mm
TS600 1.5Kw 240kg 15-20kg Ф600×400mm 1200*700*900mm

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