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Air Bubble Vegetable Fruit Washing Machine

Bubble washing machine is mainly used for washing leafy vegetables, stem vegetables and fruits. Both complete materials and cut materials can be washed.

Working Video

Working Principle

The multi-function bubble washing machine uses bubble water bath to clean fruits and vegetables by bubble surfing and water circulation cleaning, mainly to remove sediment and other attachments on the products.


Model Total length of the machine Width of the conveyor belt Material
QX-3-600 3000mm 600mm 304 Stainless steel
QX-4-800 4000mm 800mm
QX-5-800 5000mm 800mm
QX-6-1000 6000mm 1000mm
Note   The above are normal models for your reference. Customization is welcomed.
Tips To help you choose the right model, please inform us of the following specific requirements.Then we can offer an appropriate solution and corresponding quotation:

1、What vegetables or fruits do you want to wash? Whole or cut up?

2、How much is your required hourly and daily output?3、What is the last and next process of washing?

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