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Brush Roller Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

The High-Pressure Brush Roller Washing Machine adopts brush rollers and high-pressure spray water to remove the  stubborn contamination. It is mainly used to wash round or cylindrical vegetables and fruits.

Working Video

Working Principle

The machine adopts high-pressure spray and brush rollers to wash materials. Brush rollers keep materials moving forward and brush the contamination off material surfaces. The contamination will be washed by high-pressure water. Rotating speed of rollers and the speed of materials being pushed contributes to the speed of materials moving forward.


Model Total length of the machine Width of the conveyor belt Water Consumption Material
MQX-3-800 4000mm 800mm ≤0.45m³/batch SUS304 stainless steel
MQX-4-800 5000mm 800mm ≤0.60m³/batch
Note   The above are normal models for your reference. Custom-made dimension and power is available.

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