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Meat Stuffing Mixing Machine

The machine is used to mix chopped meat of different sizes with starch, condiments, additives and other supplementary materials according to different formulas. Processed materials have high viscosity and elasticity with bright color and maximum protein extraction. The machine is suitable for paste, puree,  powder and grain materials, having good adaptability and mixing performance.

Working Video

Working Principle

Put materials into the barrel and turn on the machine. Mixing shafts start rotating or rotating reversely to give uniform distribution of materials. The machine is equipped with two mixing shafts of 304 stainless steel and has four mixing directions, thus to mix more effectively. After mixing, open the outlet and materials will be discharged automatically, which greatly saves time and labor.


Model TBX100
Dimension 950*570*920mm
Volume 100L
Capacity 70 kg/batch
Rotating Speed 62 r/min
Total Power 2.2 KW
Voltage Three-phase 380V/50Hz (Can be

customized: three-phase 220V/60Hz, three-phase 415V/50Hz, three-phase 440V/50Hz)

Material SUS304 Stainless steel

Other Model

Model Volume




Rotating Speed






TBX200 200 150 62 3 1150*720*1130
TBX300 300 220 62 4.4 1240*820*1360


TBX400 400 300 62 6 1300*925*1370


TBX500 500 400 62 8 1450*1065*1590
TBX800 800 600 62 15 2100*1320*1800

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