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Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting Machine

The DQ-2 two-head vegetable cutting machine is suitable for cutting stem and leaf vegetables (celery, leek, spinach, green onion) into sections, cutting cucumber, carrot, etc. into slices and cutting melon, potato, etc. into shreds, slices and cubes.

Working Video

Working Principle

Put vegetables on the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt moves forward at a constant speed and conveys vegetables to the inlet. Cutter rotating at high speed cuts vegetables into sections or slices. Put vegetables like melon, potato into another inlet, and they will be cut into slices, shreds, cubes, etc. by the cutter disc.


Model DQ-2
Dimension 1200*550*1200mm
Application Leaf, root, stem vegetables and fruit.
Voltage Single-phase 220V/50Hz (Can be customized: single-phase 110V/60Hz, single-phase 240V/50Hz)
Power 2.25kw
Weight 200kg
Cutting Size Slice: 2.5-3mm

Shred: 3mm

Cube: 15*15*15mm (10*10*10mm Can be customized.)

Section: 1-60mm Adjustable

Capacity 1000kg/h

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