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TBGR3 Dough Rounder Machine

Dough rounder is suitable for rounding divided dough pieces. It can be used in bakeries, pastry factories, pizzerias and other catering industries.

Working Video

Working Principle

Turn on the machine. Put the dough into the hopper inside the fixed spiral belt. The friction between the rotating barrel and the spiral belt will rub and rotate the dough upwards to the outlet. Then dough balls will be conveyed to the next process by the conveyor belt. Dough balls have smooth and complete surfaces, which is conducive to the next process.


Model   TBGR3 Dough Rounder
Dimension 502*452*732mm
Weight 68kg
Application Dough
Feeding Method Automatic/Manual
Power 280W
Voltage Single-phase 110v 60Hz/ Single-phase 220v 50Hz
Material SUS304 Stainless steel
Dough Ball Size 30-300g
Moisture Content Flour: Water 10: 5-10: 7 (10: 6.5 is the best.)
Valid Conveying Size 690*170mm

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