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TBHL Nut Roasting Machine

Nut roasting machine is used for roasting or drying peanut, cashew, almond, pistachio, broad bean, sunflower seed, melon seed, coffee bean as well as other nuts and beans.

Working Video

Working Principle

Heat sources of this nut roasting machine can be electricity, gas and coal. The machine features rotary drum, heat conduction and heat radiation, thus it can control the temperature efficiently and uniformly and ensure the quality of roasted products. The machine is equipped with automatic temperature control system. Adjustable temperature range is 0℃-300℃.


Model Drum Qty Capacity Heat Power Transmission


Voltage Dimension
TBHL-05 1 50kg/h 12Kw 0.75Kw 3~380V 2300x1000x1350mm
TBHL-1 1 100kg/h 22.5Kw 1.1Kw 3~380V 2900x1400x1650mm
TBHL-2 2 200kg/h 44Kw 2.2Kw 3~380V 2900x2100x1650mm
TBHL-3 3 300-350kg/h 67Kw 3.3Kw 3~380V 3000x2900x1650mm
TBHL-4 4 400-500kg/h 90Kw 4.4Kw 3~380V 3800x2900x1650mm
TBHL-5 5 500-600kg/h 112.5Kw 5.5Kw 3~380V 4700x2900x1650mm
TBHL-10 10 1000-1200kg/h 236Kw 11Kw 3~380V 9000x2900x1700mm
Power Consumption It consumes 20kWh of electricity to process 100kg nuts.

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