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TBMF3 Dough Divider Machine

Dough divider can be used to divide dough, jujube paste, bean paste, cheese, mixed nuts etc. It is suitable for bakeries, pastry factories, pizzerias and other catering industries.

Working Video

Working Principle

Turn on the machine and put materials into the hopper. Being pushed and extruded by two screw propellers, materials are conveyed to the nozzle. The cutter, being pushed by air compressor, cuts materials into uniform size. After that, finished products are conveyed out by conveyor belt. The length of cutting size is controlled by photoelectric switch.


Model TBMF3 Dough Divider
Dimension 950*800*1140mm
Weight 100kg
Application Dough, cheese, dates paste, sweet bean paste etc.
Material Feeding Method Automatic
Power 0.95Kw
Output 25-60 pcs/min
Voltage Single-phase 220V/50HZ (Single-phase 110V/60HZ Customizable)
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Cutting Size 2-250g
Moisture Content of Dough Flour: Water 10: 5-10: 7 (10: 6.5 is the best.)


Valid Conveying Size 690*170mm

Other Models

Dimension 950*800*1140mm 1150*850*1200mm 1150*850*1200mm
Weight 100Kg 120Kg 125Kg


Power 0.95Kw 0.95Kw 0.95Kw


Cutting Size 2-250g 250-800g 2-800g
Output 25-60pcs/min 25-60pcs/min 25-80pcs/min
Valid Conveying Size 690*170mm

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