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TBQC2022 Vegetable and Fruit Slicing Machine

The vegetable and fruit slicing machine is used for cutting various spherical and columnar vegetables and fruits into round or oval slices of uniform shape and thickness.

Working Video

Working Principle

TBQC2022-A/B cuts root vegetables like potato, taro and onion into slices and cuts round leaf vegetables into slices or threads. It cuts uniformly and has large output. TBQC2022-A is especially effective for slicing ginger, which is rich in fiber.


Model TBQC2022-A
Dimension   1102*718*1164mm
Weight 98kg
Power 0.75kw
Application Root vegetables like potato, taro, ginger, garlic, etc.
Voltage Three-phase 380V/50Hz (Customizable: Three-phase 220V/60Hz, Three-phase 415V/50Hz, Three-phase 440V/50Hz)
Number of Blade 3
Material of Blade 420J
Output 1.5-3 t/h
Thickness of Slices 1-10mm Adjustable


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