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Top 8 Food Washing Equipment Manufacturers Worldwide


When it comes to food washing, it’s important to have reliable and effective equipment to ensure that the produce is thoroughly cleaned and ready for consumption. Here are 8 manufacturers of food washing equipment. Most of them specialize in equipment for washing vegetables and fruits.

1. Taibo Food Machine

Location: Zhujie Industrial Park, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng, Shandong, China
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 2013
The Number of Employees: 20-30
Main Products:
●Moringa washing machine, sweet corn washer, plantain chips slicer machine, mushroom dryer machine, ginger washing machine, carrot cutter, potato chips manufacturing machines, commercial nut roaster, ginger garlic grinder, etc.

About the Company:

Taibo Machine is a reputable manufacturer of industrial food processing machines, offering an extensive range of equipment, such as vegetable and fruit processing machines, meat processing machines, dough processing equipment, and nuts processing machines. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they have consistently aimed for the highest quality and exceptional customer service.

Taibo Machine’s team comprises dedicated professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction. They pay attention to customers’ needs and tailor their services to meet individual requirements. The team is made up of skilled and innovative engineers who develop state-of-the-art food processing solutions for clients, regardless of the size of their operation.

With a global reach, Taibo Machine has provided personalized food processing solutions to customers from 106 countries. Their experience dealing with diverse customers has enhanced their expertise, which they continually apply to further develop their products and services.

About Taibo Food Washing Equipment:

Taibo manufactures a wide range of washing machines, including bubble washer, spiral washer, brush roller peeler washer, washing blanching machine, washing spraying machine, etc. No matter what you are processing, vegetables or fruits, big or small, root or leafy, cut or complete, Taibo always has the right one for you. In addition, other materials like seafood, fish, meat, tea are all applicable to these washing machines.
With Taibo’s own manufacturing plant and experienced engineers, they can customize machines or complete processing lines. Click to know more about Taibo food washing equipment.

2. Sormac

Location: Huiskensstraat 68 5916 PN Venlo The Netherlands
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 2003
Main Products:
●Peeling machine, roller machine, knife peeler, spiral washer, weighing machine, slice and wedge cutter, fruit washer, belt washer, inspection table, etc.

About the Company:

Sormac, a Dutch company, is located in Venlo, the largest horticultural area in Europe, bordering Germany. The company has a century-old history of specializing in the design and production of vegetable fruit processing machines.
At Sormac, reliability is a top priority. Every solution offered to customers is carefully considered, and any shortcomings are quickly addressed. The production process is conducted under one roof, ensuring complete control of the process and a clean and structured environment. Sormac is compliant with the ISO 9001 standard, ensuring the highest possible quality in all internal processes.
The company’s laboratory team conducts research to provide customers with solutions to microbiological and physiological questions related to product processing, service life extension, and quality requirements.

About the Sormac Vegetable Fruit Washing Equipment

Sormac produces spiral washers, salad washers, belt washers and so on. I founded that most of their machines are designed for washing cut vegetable and fruit or small and medium sized quantities. Instead of developing washing equipment for various types of vegetables and fruit, they choose to specialize in salad processing.

3. Kronitek Food Processing Machinery

Location: Sigulda-Riga road 11, Bergi, Latvia, LV-1024. Reg. Nr. 40103695236
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 2008
Main Products:
●Vegetables slicing machine, vegetable and fruit dicing machine, vegetable and fruit belt cutting machine, vegetable destoning machine, vegetable washing peeling machine, food dehydration machine, vegetable spin dryer machine, etc.

About the Company:

Kronitek is founded by Alistar Europe Ltd in 2008. Since then, the company has been specializing in manufacturing high performance processing machines and distributing to customers worldwide.
Initially serving local customers, Kronitek expanded its market to the European Union, USA, Australia, Canada, and Asia. As the clientele grew, the company improved its technological capability to provide affordable and sustainable food processing solutions for producers, allowing them to achieve high-end products and high-capacity needs.
They company prides itself on long-term partnerships with its customers, providing active customer service and product excellence delivered via extensive industry feedback and technical support. To further enhance its services, it offers expert food technologists and engineers to provide production area and equipment layout planning services to its global partners.

About the Kronitek Vegetable Cleaning Equipment:

Kronitek develops and produces 2 vegetable washing machine cleaning machines.
The first is suitable for small businesses like cafe, restaurant, food deliver, etc. It is applicable to vegetables, fruits, potatoes, carrots, etc.
The second is peeling washing polishing machine, suitable for processing root vegetables in large canteens, vegetable processing companies.


Location: Diakovská 6245/9C 927 01 Šaľa EU – Slovakia
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 1990
Main Products:
●Bulk feeder, corn sorter, corn husker, automatic sweet corn cutter, knife sharper, green peas washing flotation destoning and sieving machine, blancher cooler, sweet corn processing line, vibrators, etc.

About the Company:

POLLÁK ŠAĽA was initially engaged in design and construction. As the business expand, they start producing machines and equipment of their own design. Today, they provide comprehensive services in the field of engineering, production, assembly, commissioning and personal training.
This company boasts a professional team providing technical consulting based on more than 30-year experiences. They always try to design tailored solutions for specific customer requirements and they take great pride in custom made food processing lines and complex productions.

About the POLLAK SALA Washing Equipment:

The first is designed for bean washing. It features destoner, washer, powerful spraying nozzles and sedimentation tank. All these components contribute to the high capacity and low water consumption of this machine.
The second is for spinach and other materials. It features many paddles and insect removing drum for better washing performance.
The third one is green peas, corn kernels and broad bean washing machine. It integrates washing, flotation, destoning and sieving function in one machine.
The company also produces destoner, dry cleaning drum, air cleaning machine. For more information, feel free to check their website.


Location: 6920 Salashan Pkwy A-102, Ferndale, WA 98248, United States
Company Type: Manufacturer
Main Products:
●Small fruit washer, conveyors, flat and lug dumpers, flat and lug washers, automatic flat stacker, bulk tote dumper and in-line handling system, blower cleaners, rock tarp, rotary drum destemmer, fillers, palletizing robot.

About the Company:

Andgar Food Processing Equipment has years of knowledge of operations, fabrication, manufacturing, food processing and engineering. The company has a passion for innovation. They apply ingenuity and technology to achieve the best solutions, contributing to your future success.
The company believes that their partnership and commitment to customers extend far beyond the initial sale of equipment. Their dedication to providing exceptional service, support, and consultation continues long after the equipment is installed. They are proud of helping customers plan for their future growth and working collaboratively to identify ways to control costs, streamline product flow, manage resources, and consistently produce safe, high-quality products.

About the Andgar Small Fruit Washer:

Andgar small fruit washer is designed for blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. Just like other bubble washing machines, this washer combines spray nozzles and powerful pump to clean the small fruits thoroughly.
This machine is a part of Andgar small fruit processing lines. This line consists of automatic dumper, washer, dewatering shaker and conveyors.

6. Innotech Process Equipment

Location: 5971 Guide Meridian Bellingham, WA 98226, United States
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 2012
Main Products:
●Infeed equipment, berry washer, blower cleaner, dewatering shaker, sorting and inspection equipment, full processing lines, etc.

About the Company:

Growing up, Tim Kaptein observed his father manage a fabrication shop in the metal industry. Kaptein was greatly influenced by this experience and in 2012 he established his own manufacturing company, Innotech Process Equipment, beginning in his garage and now operating in a large facility in Bellingham.

Innotech mainly produces conveyor equipment and stainless steel for clients in the food processing sector. While the company has delivered its equipment globally, its largest customer base in Whatcom County comprises agricultural firms and berry growers. Kaptein collaborates closely with customers to tailor equipment to their specific requirements. Kaptein finds great satisfaction in resolving his customers’ difficulties, which is one of the most fulfilling aspects of his job.

As numerous industries are now seeking to automate production and eliminate human labor, Innotech has broadened its scope to produce more automated and software-controlled equipment.

About the Innotech Blueberry Bubble Washer:

This machine is specifically designed for blueberry processing. With the air bubbler and spray bars, this washer delivers gentle cleaning and high product flow rate.

7. Lyco Manufacturing

Location: 115 Commercial Drive P.O. Box 31 Columbus, WI 53925, United States
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 1980
Main Products:
●Blanchers, cookers, pasteurizers, coolers, peelers, washers, scrubbers, green bean processing equipment, etc.

About the Company:

Lyco Manufacturing is a top-tier manufacturer of commercial cooking and cooling equipment. Their expertise extends to various food items such as pasta, dry beans, rice, and vegetables. They are a pioneering company that has introduced hundreds of new machines, making them the most innovative in this field. Their clientele consists of 50 of the largest food companies in North America and numerous smaller firms. Many of their cookers, coolers, and screens are renowned as the best worldwide.

At their Laboratory, they conduct trials on every new machine they create. Clients are welcomed to visit their facility to observe the effectiveness of the machines on their products. They regularly collaborate with them to develop novel processes and recipes.

Their staff has decades of experience in food processing and manufacturing, with over 850 years of cumulative experience. At Lyco, their passion is creating the most innovative food processing machinery that aligns with customers’ needs.

About the LYCO Peeler Washer Scrubber:

These machines are applicable to washing peeling and scrubbing potatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, pickles and apples. Many of them are sold to canners, potato chip processors and French fries operations.
The simple and well-designed drive chains for each roll contributes to the durability and longevity of all these models. Many machines made in the early 1980s are still in operation.
By the way, I like the idea they build the machines in the shapes of bulls and the way they name the machines. This is unique and impressive.

8. Thermohran Engineering

Location: Bulgaria 6000 Stara Zagora str.”Hristo Botev”117A
Company Type: Manufacturer
Year Founded: 1991
Main Products:
●Washing machines, transporting belts, filling tables, crushers, blanching machines and screw heat exchanger, extractors, grilled pepper machines and pepper peeling machine, cutting machines for vegetables and fruits, bin dumper, etc.

About the Company:

Thermohran Engineering has been engaged in engineering activities within the food industry since 1991. Their services include planning, installation, commissioning, and personnel training.
For more than 15 years, the firm has successfully executed projects in dairy production, as well as fruit and vegetable processing. Their work has encompassed the production of juices, purees, concentrates, and canned goods. The company has constructed complete plants and production lines across several countries, including Bulgaria, Syria, Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Kirgizstan, Kazahstan, Belarus, and Romania.
Thermohran Engineering boasts a team of highly skilled processing and machine engineers capable of designing complete production lines and new machines in accordance with technical specifications.

About the Thermohran Washing Machines:

Thermohran produces fan washing machine, drum washing machine, brush washing machine, blowing washer, belt washing machine and jar washing machine.
The first is fan washing machine, designed for washing fruits and vegetables. The machine is made of stainless steel. Some food contact elements are made of materials certified for use in the food industry.
The second is drum washing machine, designed for washing vegetables and fruits like zucchini, eggplant, potato, etc.
The third is brush washing machine, designed for washing cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, peppers and others. The friction between the vegetables and brushes ensures thorough washing and cleaning.
The last is belt washing machine, designed for berries and forest fruits.


In conclusion, these top 8 food washing equipment manufacturers are just a few of the many companies around the world that specialize in producing high-quality food washing equipment. From small-scale operations to large-scale industrial facilities, these manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

If you’d like to share more views about food washing equipment or manufacturers, please feel free to leave a comment.

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